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Our Shipping Department Manager, Winston
Our Shipping Department Manager, Winston
Our Shipping Department Manager, Winston
Shipping Methods
United States Postal Service & United Parcel Service
What kind of shipping service will you receive from us?  The BEST,  and we usually ship no later than next day!  We will ship via the United States Postal Service or UPS.  We will try to accommodate any reasonable shipping request, and YES, we do ship worldwide!  After you place your order, you will given the various choices for shipping.  If you have any questions about shipping, go to the "Contact Information" link, and send us an email.

International Shipping
International customers . . . please know that we strive to find the cheapest method of shipping for you.  We constantly make adjustments to shipping costs, so our customers will benefit from the most efficient shipping services.  PLEASE, contact us if you have any questions at all concerning shipping, or you want us to give you an estimate for shipping costs.
Combine Shipping
Purchase more and save!
We will gladly combine your purchases, and this will save you on the shipping costs!
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