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Vigil Lamps, Lampada Oil, Vigil Glasses, Anointing Oil, & Accessories
Vigil Lamps, Oil, Glass, and Accessories

Everything you need for your Icon corner!

Vigil Lamp - Lampada Oil
Blended Rose Vigil Lamp Oil

Please select UPS Ground from the shipping menu at checkout for the shipping of Lamp Oil. If this is a problem, please contact us.

Blended rose vigil lamp oil, and it comes in 16 oz, 32 oz, 1/2 gallon bottles, and 1 gallon jugs. A special blend of olive and vegetable oils with a light rose fragrance added, formulated for use in vigil oil lamps. Burns brightly and produces a light rose fragrance in the room. Handcrafted bottle by bottle, jug by jug.   It smells wonderful!

This lamp oil is the very same oil that Holy Cross Hermitage used to sell years ago.  They graciously offered to us to take over their oil business, and we continue to do so.

16 oz.:  $12.00
32 oz.:  $18.00
1/2 Gallon:  $28.00
1 Gallon:  $39.00
4 x 1 gallon jugs :  $145.00
Vigil Lamp Oil (High Concentrate)
Well, we thought it might be a good idea to offer a 4 oz bottle of our Vigil Lamp Oil, but this bottle comes with highly concentrated amount of the rose fragrance. It is equivalent to our 1 gallon jug!  SO, you can add this to your own oil if you like, or dilute it for anointing purposes. 

Comes in a very convenient dispensing squeeze bottle, so you can either mix the entire contents with a gallon of oil, or, add a few drops to the oil in your lamp.  This option allows you to mix to your particular liking, and also saves on the shipping cost!
4 oz bottle :  $29.00
Vigil Lamp Glasses
Georgian Style Vigil Glass

Handmade by American artisans, these Georgian Style glasses are available in Hunter Green, Ruby Red, and Cobalt Blue in either 6 oz (3 1/4" tall) and 9 oz (4" tall) sizes!

Hunter Green 6 oz :  $13.00
Hunter Green 9 oz :  $18.00
Ruby Red 6 oz. :  $13.00
Ruby Red 9 oz:  $18.00
Cobalt Blue 6 oz:  $13.00
Cobalt Blue 9 oz:  $18.00
Orthodox Incense Signature Vigil Lamps

Orthodox Incense' own signature line of ceramic Vigil Lamps, designed for us by local potter, Mary Kelly! Exquisitely hand made, one by one (no two pieces are exactly the same), these vigil lamps will enhance your Icon corner. Approximate height is 3", and width is 3".  Go to our Censer page for matching ceramic censers!

Oatmeal:  $16.00
Cobalt Blue:  $16.00
Vigil Glass 8 oz Inverted Thistle

Ruby Red & Amethyst (purple) & Cobalt Blue glasses are BACK!!!!!

Available in ruby red, cobalt blue, amethyst & light pink 8 oz. Vigil Lamp Glass! All glasses are 4" x 3" x 2.5"  Made here in the US!

Cobalt Blue:  $19.00
Ruby Red:  $19.00
Amethyst (purple):  $19.00
Light Rose (pink):  $19.00
Vigil Lamp Starter/Gift Set

Orthodox style Vigil Lamp Starter/Gift Set! This set comes with your choice of a ceramic vigil lamp (locally & beautifully made!) or a Georgian style glass. Set contains one Russian style wick holder, 10 wicks, and one 16 oz. bottle of rose-scented Vigil Lamp Oil. This would make a great gift for that special someone looking to enhance their Icon table/corner for prayer time.

Please let us know if you choose a Georgian glass, what color (red, hunter green, or cobalt blue) you prefer.

Ceramic Oatmeal:  $28.95
Ceramic Cobalt Blue:  $28.95
6 oz Georgian Glass:  $28.95
Greek & Russian Style Wicks, Wick Holders, & Floats
Russian Old Believer Style - Wick Holder & Wicks

Custom made, Russian Old Believer style, metal wire wick holder and package of 10 cotton wicks.  Cotton wicking can also be purchased separately, and please note that these wicks are used with this style wick holder.  These cotton wicks are too large for the Greek style string cork floats.

Metal wick holder w/ 10 cotton wicks:  $5.00
Package of 10 cotton wicks WICKS ONLY:  $1.00
Anointing Oils
Anointing Oil

Available in 1 oz. bottles!  Wonderfully fragrant, these oils can also be added for use in oil lamps. 

Jasmine 1 oz. :  $20.00
Orange Flower 1 oz.:  $20.00
Rose 1 oz. :  $20.00
Sweet Myrrh 1 oz. :  $20.00
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