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Below you will find some new & used books and journals and various items that we have discounted, so please check back when you can!
Orthodox Life
We have some bundled by year sets of Orthodox Life, the journal/magazine published by Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY.  We have sets from the 80's - 90's, and a few issues from the 70's and 2000's.  If you are interested in a particular year or any of these, please contact us.  We will offer these for $15/set.  For availability & shipping cost, send Fr Deacon Seraphim an email at

Ikons of Various Feasts, Saints and Righteous Ones
Optina Elders

ONLY 1 LEFT . . . Orig $28

Icon of the Optina Elders, 20th c. Russian style reprint, mounted on wood.  The lives of these Spirit-filled Elders are incredible!

8 x 10 in.:  $22.00

Various Sale Items

US/Imported Incense Sale
We have been going through our incense inventory, and found some that we would like to offer at a substantial savings.  While supplies last!!
Mt. Horeb - 1 oz. :  $4.00
Ochrid - 1 oz. :  $4.00
Tabor - 1 oz. :  $4.00

Elder Barsanuphius of Optina vol. VII

WAS $23 . . . ON SALE . . . $5 off

Elder Barsanuphius (1845–1913), a disciple of Elder Anatole (Zertsalov) and Elder Nektary, was a highly cultured man and a successful colonel before entering the monastic life at a relatively late age. Due to his purity of heart and spiritual sobriety, he was transformed by God into a grace-filled Elder virtually overnight. The period before the first World War and the Russian Revolution was a complex one. The world was seething in unprecedented passions, and one could clearly sense the approach of darkness. With a sympathetic soul Elder Barsanuphius attended to the world, and the Lord parted a curtain before him, showing him the horrors of the future. Paperback, 840 pgs.

Elder Barsanuphius:  $18.00

Elder Leonid of Optina vol. I

WAS $12 . . . ON SALE . . . $2 off!

Elder Leonid was very significant for Optina Monastery and for all of Russia. He introduced and firmly established in Optina the ancient tradition of eldership transmitted through St. Paisius Velichkovsky—a tradition founded on the Holy Scriptures and the teachings of the Holy Fathers. Also included in this volume is the Life of Elder Leonid’s preceptor, Elder Theodore of Svir. paperback, 272 pgs.

Elder Leonid:  $10.00

Elder Sebastian of Optina vol. VI

WAS $19 . . . ON SALE . . . $4 off

The spiritual image of Elder Sebastian (1884–1966) is that of a longsuffering, quiet bearer of the vision of the Optina monastic tradition—destined to preserve Optina eldership through decades of communist persecution of the Church. After the closure of Optina Monastery in 1923, Fr. Sebastian—a disciple of both Elder Joseph and Elder Nektary—matured rapidly into a truly compassionate pastor. He suffered arrest and imprisonment by the communists in 1933, and was sentenced to ten years in the Karaganda concentration camps of Kazakhstan. Paperback, 496 pgs.

Elder Sebastian:  $15.00

Knowledge of God

WAS $14.95 . . . ON SALE . . . $5 off

Written by St. Tikhon's Seminary professor Harry Boosalis, the present study comprises two introductory lectures in Orthodox theology. Written in a reader-friendly style with a deliberate attempt at presenting the spiritual themes of Orthodox theology in a clear and simple way, this brief book will benefit anyone interested in Eastern Christian spirituality and the study of Orthodox theology. Based on Holy Scripture and patristic teaching, this short study refers to the writings of a wide variety of Orthodox theologians, especially those of Eastern European backgrounds. This book is also original in that it preserves its teaching purpose by maintaining a practical approach as well as an appropriate level of language. 104 pages, paperback, 2009.

paperback:  $9.95

The Venerable Cyril & Maria: Life, Service and Akathist

WAS $17 . . . ON SALE . . . $7 off

The Venerable Cyril and Maria, the parents of St. Sergius of Radonezh, present a model of pious living which is instructive and inspiring for monastics and laypeople alike. Here is their Life, Service, and Akathist, together with a history of the Hotkovo Monastery where they labored in old age. Published in 2008 by the Hermitage of the Holy Cross in commemoration of the 700th anniversary of Hotkovo Monastery.

trans. by Reader Isaac Lambertsen
100 pp, printed on heavy paper, full color w. illustrations, paperback 4.5 x 6.5 in.
pp color:  $10.00


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