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Bath and Body Gift Arrangements
Welcome to our monastery bath and body page! We offer these items in baskets, tins, decorated boxes, or individually. They make perfect gifts for birthdays, weddings, "thank yous," and holidays, or maybe something for yourself. They all come wrapped and ready to give as a gift, with wash cloth or spa poof included. Please let us know if it will be a gift, and we can include a "gift card." You can personalize it by telling us what you want to say in the "special instructions" box. If you have any special requests or need help, please contact us through the contact page.  We will respond very quickly.  :)
Baskets, Tins/Buckets and Decorative Boxes
Holy Cross Monastery Soap
Time to milk the goats!
Time to milk the goats!
Time to milk the goats!
Monastery Soap is great for your skin and is handmade using traditional soapmaking methods. The monks make bar soap using the "cold process" method, combining olive oil, lye, fragrances and botanicals (that you can actually see!). The soap is poured into handmade molds, cut, cured for 4 weeks, then labeled by hand. The liquid soap is made in the same fashion, baked for three hours, then bottled and labeled by hand.
Hand Cream, Lotions & Lip Balm
Fragrance Free Lotion

1 left

This lotion has no added fragrances. This is our offering to those with fragrance sensitivities.

4 oz Bottle :  $7.00
Goats Milk Oatmeal & Honey

The aroma of warm oatmeal, the sweetness of honey, and hints of almonds. A rich and soothing fragrance.

4 oz.:  $8.00
8 oz Pump:  $14.00
We tried many different lavender essential oils before discovering this one. This essential oil is the most floral of all lavenders and is wonderful in a lotion.
4 oz. :  $7.00
8 oz Pump :  $12.00
Lip Balm - Cherry Almond
A rich blend of sweet cherries combined with almonds.
.15 oz :  $3.00
Lip Balm - Fragrance Free
All the benefits of the monastery's natural ingredients without added flavor.
.15 oz :  $3.00
Lip Balm - Peppermint Vanilla
 A mix of invigorating peppermint sweetened with vanilla.
.15 oz :  $3.00
Bar Soap
Goat's Milk Lavender Bar Soap
Classic lavender fragrance with goat's milk from the monastery's herd!
3.5 oz. bar:  $6.00
Goat's Milk Oatmeal & Honey Bar Soap

Made with ground oatmeal and honey from the monastery's bees!  A bestseller!

3.5 oz. Bar :  $6.00
Wild Rose

After months of research and development the Hermitage of the Holy Cross are pleased to offer you their new and improved Wild Rose products. At once bright and delicate this fragrance captures the rich aroma of wild roses. 3.5 oz bar.

3.5 oz bar :  $5.00
Liquid Pump Soap
Goat's Milk Liquid Hand Soap

Oatmeal and honey made from the monastery's own bees!  A favorite soap and wonderful fragrance!

8 oz. Pump :  $9.00
Lavender Liquid Hand Soap
Has the classic aroma of essential lavender oil!
8 oz. pump :  $8.00
Mint Merry
A refreshing blend of peppermint, lavender and rosemary essential oils.
8 oz pump :  $8.00
Wild Rose Liquid Soap

Attention rose lovers!!!!  At once bright and delicate, this fragrance captures the rich aroma of wild roses.

liquid pump :  $8.00


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